Review Policy

Hi! I accept books for reviewing on this blog. I am happy to accept review copies from publishers, publicists, authors, agents, etc. I will appreciate if you read my review policies before sending me a review copy. By contacting me you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to these terms:

  1. Required items: While sending review request, please include the summary, release date, time frame (when you expect the review) and other relevant information etc. in the mail, so that I decide ahead of time.
  2. Genres I accept: I read across various genres but I am a fiction lover basically. I normally read literary fiction, young adult fiction (contemporary, dystopia, science fiction, mystery, adventure, fantasy), horror/paranormal fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thriller/ crime fiction, women fiction, romantic fiction.
  3. Non Fiction books: I do read non-fiction books but I am pretty selective about what I read. If you want to send me non-fiction books for reviewing, send me book description and summary first. I will let you know whether I will do it or not.
  4. Formats I accept: I do not accept e-books and audio books for review. I prefer physical review copies (paperback/hardcover).
  5. What will be included: If I accept your book for review, I will include book cover, book description (genre/pages/publisher/release date etc.), blurb, review and rating. Once I post the review on my blog, I will try to post it on Amazon and Goodreads. I will share the review through my social media pages. (facebook, instagram, twitter).
  6. Time Frame: If you are sending me a review request, please understand that by accepting or receiving a book, I do not guarantee that it will be read and posted on the blog immediately. Time is an important commodity, more so for me because I have a full time job. I will try my very best to read and review within given time frame but it is not always possible.
  7. My reviews are my honest opinion and opinions can be positive or negative. If I do not like the book then I will point out the negative aspect to the readers and vice versa. By sending a review request to me, you are acknowledging that my review may be negative. Please do not attack me if I give your book a negative review. I am critiquing the book and not the author personally.