Once Upon A Genie by Durriya Kapasi- Review

Once Upon A Genie- Durriya Kapasi


What will you do, if you suddenly come across a genie with magical powers? What will be your three wishes? Most of us already know what we will wish for. Being a reader, it goes without saying that since childhood I have spent countless nights modifying my wishes. Well, I want my own magical Pegasus. (This one is number one priority  since I was five years old 😀 😀 😀 ).

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. First of all, I would like to congratulate Ms. Durriya Kapasi for her debut novel. Ever since I read the blurb, I was curious about the story.

This tale is about a 20 years old girl Daisy who lives in Canada with her grandmother. After her parents’ divorce, her grandmother brought her up. She is her only family. Her entire world has shattered after the demise of her grandmother. Although she has bunch of friends (and a best friend), she feels alone in this world now.

Daisy’s granny left her a scroll, in which she instructed her to open her treasure box and find a perfume bottle inside it. To respect her last wish, she follows her instruction. Accidentally she breaks the bottle and to her astonishment a handsome genie comes out of it and grants her three wishes. This is where our story takes an interesting turn.

At first Daisy is afraid of the genie. But when Khalil Bin Muwahid (Khali) thanks her for releasing him and assures her that he won’t harm her, she gradually starts believing him. As for Khalil, he fell in love with Daisy the first moment he saw her. She is also insanely attracted to him.

Daisy asks for her first wish as a joke but Khali grants her wish. What starts off as fun, soon turns into an epic journey to a magical land. It brings them closer to each other. However, Khali soon realizes that due to Djinn world’s rules they can’t be together and starts keeping distance from Daisy. In between all the heart break and college drama, Daisy asks for her second wish and enjoys a lot with her best friend Darren. Finally, because of Khali’s persuasion, the rules of Djinn world are altered for their love. Khali informs Daisy that he will stay with her and they can be together as long as she doesn’t asks for her third wish.

But as the fate would have it, Daisy’s best friend Darren’s life is at risk. He is hanging between life and death and she has to select between love and friendship. Will she use her last wish? The story concludes with Daisy taking the toughest decision of her life.

Being a huge fan of Arabian tales, I always felt there are not enough stories about genies. Djinns are also an integral part of Indian folklore. So I was really impressed with the concept Durriya selected for her first book. I agree that the story is a bit clichéd but I believe that a well executed clichéd story is always better than a half baked new concept. And kudos to author’s writing style, she did full justice to the story. I am a sucker for star-crossed love stories. A relationship which is doomed to fail even before it begin and yet so beautifully written that we come back to it again and again.

Generally I am not a big fan of insta-love in fiction. But here the concept works well. Daisy has just lost her grandmother and she is in a vulnerable condition. Often while grieving, people turn to strangers for warmth & comfort. That’s why people join anonymous support groups too. And no matter how much we deny, it is not impossible for someone to fall in love instantly. Also the fact that Khali is a super-sexy genie, doesn’t hurt (who doesn’t wants that).  Only thing which bothered me while reading the story is how Khali hypnotized Daisy many times to seduce her and make out with her.

I liked Darren a lot. He is a funny, easygoing guy. He is that one guy friend whom every girl needs in her life. I wish his point of view was expressed little bit more clearly. Most of the times, I didn’t understand what he is thinking or feeling. I hope we get to see more of Darren in the next book (eagerly waiting for the sequel).

Considering this is author’s first book, she has done a fantastic job of intertwining fantasy with realism. The story surely didn’t disappoint me. I read the whole book in one sitting. Also the cover of the book is enchanting. Definitely recommend it to fellow readers.

My rating: 3/5

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